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Panasonic PT-VMZ60-Series LCD laser projector delivers a high brightness of 5000 Lumens which is perfect for bright venues with natural light encroaching. The Laser light source is designed to go the distance with a huge 20000 life it can handle heavy usage without having to worry about down time. High-precision digital laser light output modulation achieves 30000001 dynamic contrast while minimizing power consumption. High-contrast performance adds depth dimensionality and realism to video defining details in shadows even when bright and dark scenes frequently interchange.

Carry it easily from room to room and let 1.6x zoom and Vertical/Horizontal Lens-Shift perfectly align large-format pictures on screen in spaces big or small. Easy setup is invaluable for permanent installation. Designed for tomorrow to work hard today the PT-VMZ60 Series is the smarter investment. The PT-VMZ60 Series supports 4K/30p signal input via HDMIor DIGITAL LINK terminals enabling seamless integration into existing or planned 4K-ready system infrastructure.

Vivid Images in Bright Environments
High Brightness from a Compact Body
No Light-Source Replacement for 20000 Hours
High 30000001 Contrast
A Clearer View with Daylight View Basic
Reusable Air Filter Extends Maintenance
1.6x Zoom Lens and Lens Shift Function
Single-Cable DIGITAL LINK Solution
Wireless Projection Function with Optional Module